The skills of the Food Technologist, as part of its professional activities, are numerous and listed in Law 59, art. 2. 

  • Functions of management, administration and management of companies operating in the field of food production, processing, storage and marketing;
  • Study, design, direction, supervision and operation of the systems and processes of food processing and related biological products;
  • Taking responsibility for the physical-chemical-microbiological analysis on food for their quality control and for the definition of standards and specifications for their production;
  • Food processes and products research and development;
  • Participation in activities of food planning, with regard to the assessment of existing resources, their use and the consumers food and nutritional needs and other domestic planning activities of food production; 
  • Collaboration with other professionals for the activities concerning catering in canteens, public canteens and hospital canteens 
  • Collaboration with international agencies and community towards the development of programs for the agri-food field; 
  • Expertise Functions  and arbitration in the Courts 

Such a wide knowledge spectrum allows this professional to deal with all aspects of the food production chain. 
The Food Technologist, thanks to this variety of knowledge, becomes the reference point for the management and development of the agri-food field that arises, as its primary objective, the achievement of  food "quality" and "safety".